Today happens to be Veteran’s Day, A day to honor the most honorable. On days like today, it seems redundant to tell you all to be thankful and to have a good morning. You are probably reading this exact phrase everywhere from Facebook to the tabloids but I am going to go with it anyways. Right now, wherever you are, close your eyes and just think about how fortunate you are. Think about all the men and women who have fought for your life and freedom. No matter how small you think you are in this great scheme of a thing called life, you do make a difference. If it wasn’t you, it is someone you know, someone you don’t know, someone that you will meet later in life. We all make a difference; therefore, we all deserve a wish. Today is 11/11/11, so you have a whole day to think of a wish before the day changes. You only get one wish today, so make it a good one. Scratch that. Make it a Great one, a noble one; make a wish for something that is worthy enough for wishing. So open your eyes, get out of the Friday morning rut, and make this day a great day. Make it a day for wishes and for dreams to come true.