Does anyone else think that the world can be a cruel circle sometimes? Don’t get me wrong, I still love the little things and I am not posting about how bad my life is. I, in fact, still know that I have a great life. There are just some things in life that don’t make sense. People can ask why is the sky blue, and get relatively correct answers that or very philosophical ones. I am not looking for answers, I just would like to complain to someone about things that don’t make sense.
Let me clarify a couple of things for you. A week or so ago, I posted telling you all that I am getting a little bored and am looking for a new goal or hobby to get into. I have looked into making my own tea, yoga classes, spinning classes, and so on. Getting right down to it, things cost money. Money that right now is a little tight. We are trying to save money so it doesn’t seem practical for me to spend $46.00 for a one night class on tea making. Do I want to do this? Of course.  Are there other things my money should be going towards. Sure thing! After thinking about it some more, I came up with the perfect answer. You all also know that I have wanted to get back into photography more and more. Well, my answer to my boredom and wanting to start a new hobby along with photography has led me to Polaroid Pictures. Yes, you read that correctly. Pictures that you take on a huge camera that prints photos right away. Your Grandma had them. You parents carried them around their neck when you were little. They were about as big as Flavor Flavs (Did I get that right) adornments that he wears. They took mediocre fuzzy pictures that people made fun of. Well, I want one. I want to take as many pictures as I can, decorate rooms/fridges/frames with them. Take pictures that memories are made of and hand them out at a moment’s notice.  They are now vintage cool and I think that Polaroid Pictures are the answer to my prayers. What’s the problem? Well, just like Bell Bottoms, slap watches, and big glasses, Polaroid Cameras are the new ‘it’ thing. Meaning hipsters all around are starting this trend. Meaning these so called hipsters have made the once lack luster photo buster very expensive.  Why is it that something that cost $10.00 back in the day is now over $200.00. Yes, you read the right. I can’t seem to find one of these gems under that amount, not including the expensive film that the cameras call for.  Well you Urban Outfitters wearing, Polaroid Picture taking hipsters, you have crushed my dreams (okay, so I may be exaggerating just a bit). Go put on your purple skinny pants and be cool because I will not be joining your posh hobby anytime soon.

Well, onto my next idea…… I just have to figure out what that is first and grab it up before it becomes popular (dirt art)?
Well friends, despite this post, the world isn’t actually a cruel circle. Life is good. Laughter should happen often.  Love is grand.
Until next time,
Also, just so you all don't get the idea that I am turning into a Bitter Old lady, I thought I should include a picture of a Unicorn jumping over a rainbow (Brought to you by the one and only Lisa Frank. Anyone?). You're welcome.