Again, my friends, I come to you with good cheers this Saturday afternoon. I know that I have promised you updates on my life and all the happenings going on, but I am afraid I might disappoint, but just a little. Work should start slowing down and I should be back to my posts about love, life, and happiness. Until then I would like to enlighten you with yet another book review. Today, I bring to you a review of the book “Of Time and Place,” by B.R. Freemont. Sit back, grab your hot cup of tea, and get ready to enjoy the workings of B.R. Freemont. Enjoy, my friends.


As the global energy crisis of the 21st century wears on, James Lindeman searches for answers – both for the country and for himself.

Working in the Federal Energy Department for the iconoclastic and enigmatic Kate Hastings, James is at the center of a world of political intrigue and personal conflicts. Unsure of whether he can go along with Kate’s plans for the country (and for him), he is forced to steer his own way through a maze of personal and professional problems.

When we meet James a few years later (through an ingenious weaving of dual timelines), he is in Savannah, working as a contractor for the government and debating the merits of a flirtatious college student who lives in his boarding house.

Nimbly moving forward and backward through James’s personal timeline,
 Of Time and Place leads its readers on a journey through the twists and turns of life in a kind of historical novel of the future. From a tumultuous romance and marriage to a romantic spring in Florence and the adversities along the way, James finds himself debating both his own life and the feasibility of maintaining a viable US economy in the mid-21st century.

Drawn from very real issues of global import, and playing out in some of the most storied cities in the world,
 Of Time and Place will leave every reader pondering the future – and the present.


Being an optimist, this book was hard for me to get in to at first. For the characters, it seems like they try and try again, and never really succeed. I am all for working hard to get the outcomes that you want, but the roadblock that these characters face seems daunting, more specifically James. A lot of times, I was left questioning the hands that he was dealt and what choices he was going to have to make. Don’t get me wrong; this was something that made me warm up to the book. James, the main character, has the hardest decisions. Attraction to one woman, married to another all the while dealing with being in the center of political conspiracy. The fact that everything somersaults off of James’s choices makes for suspense in the book that made me want to keep reading on. The dual timelines was sometimes hard to keep up with, but going into the book with the knowledge that there will be this challenge, I must say that the author did a great job. I felt confused at times, but I think it was supposed to make the reader feel like that because it is coming directly from James and he himself was perplexed on what to do. The suspense, love, uncertainties, and hardships make this great book to read on a rainy day. This book will make you look at the choices and consequences in life and ponder about the future, which will become the present time at some point. Do we make the right decisions the first time around? What if we can’t ever go back? How will the future play out? Of Time and Place deals with very real issues and leaves you questioning some of the hardest things in life. This book will leave you with the feeling of Hope, and to me, nothing beats hope. Well my friends, cuddle up for a long afternoon of rain, reading and hope.

About the Author:

B.R. Freemont was born in New York and has lived in the Savannah area for over a decade. He holds a B.A. from Columbia and an M.A. from New York University. During his business career, Freemont filled a number of management assignments and briefly worked for government entities.

Over the years, his interests have included: astronomy, domestic and foreign travel, dog breed club administration, wine tasting, and avidly reading both fiction and non-fiction.

He is married and has a son and two daughters.

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Price: $16.95
ISBN: 9781937928728
Pages: 539
Publisher: Two Harbors Press
Release: August 17, 2012

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