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As promised, I have a very exciting book review for you today. When I was contacted by Published.com to review Murders, Bikers and a Meteor! by K.J. Klimasz, I didn’t hesitate. Why do you ask? Well, the title alone made me think that this series of short stories was going to be a wild ride. I kept trying to guess what the three things had in common. The answer is simply this book and nothing else.


Murders, Bikers, and a Meteor! Is a collection of four dark tales ranging in genre from crime drama to science fiction and horror.

Join a young couple in the 1950s as they investigate a mysterious meteor crash in Arizona’s Sonora desert, and an extraterrestrial encounter leaves one of the kids with a whole different view of life and death. Or take a ride with a notorious motorcycle gang as their path crosses with an unsuspecting small town sheriff on a hot and humid Ozark Mountain day. See what happens when an innocent man answers his phone and finds himself thrust into the dysfunctional world of his drug addict roommate, and a prostitute. Take a late night road trip under a full moon with a high school student down a desolate highway that his parents had warned him not to take … He should have listened to his mom and dad.


The Author K.J. Klimasz sure likes his readers to feel one thing: Suspense. Each and every story is dark and suspenseful and I felt myself on the edge of my seat as I finished each one. Yes, this is a great thing for any reader to feel, but it was also frustrating at some points because I was on the tip of the climax in the story and Bam! I was hit out of nowhere with the end of the story. Don’t get me wrong. If my main complaint about the book was that I didn’t want the stories to end, the author did a stand up job in my book. Since this was a book on the short side (only 84 pages), and included a wide varity of genres, I feel as if it my duty to give you a short review on each one.
     This short story was creepy as it was good. The descriptive way the author described the all too familiar teen and his thoughts along with the grasshopper like man made this story stand out to me. Being that this was the first story in the series of short stories set me up to high expectations in reference to the exciting factor. This is also one of the stories that I felt had a proper start, climatic middle, and a resolution. I will say one thing, if I ever come across Highway 26A, I will be taking a detour.

Phone Call:
     I found this short story to be my favorite. All of the stories in this book were suspenseful, but this one I just didn’t want to end. The characters, the events that took place, and the tone for the story had me captivated from start to finish. By starting the story with a view into Kalya’s life just added to the dark undertone of the murder that took place. I found myself loving the manner of Axl and judging Kurt to the very core. If this short story was turned into full length novel, I would be the first purchase.

     This story set me right back into the tome of Roswell at the start. Young lovers witness a weird occurrence in the desert. I was a bit apprehensive at the beginning. This didn’t last long. What I thought was going to be a Science Fiction story through and through was actually a very deep and dark story about glimpses of the future and having no control. It’s about relationships and friendships and trying to save something that is just out of reach. “Glen was blinded by a bright flash of light, and saw the worst nightmare of his life, weightless, through hundred-year-old glass”(54). To me, this could have yet a deeper and darker meaning that where the story ends. Do we all live in a weightless fuzzy world, not really knowing what we see or how to stop life when it takes an unexpected turn?
Yella Bag:

     Wow. Just wow. Props to the author for ending the book with a bang. This story was the wildest ride of all and is yet another story that I think should be tuned into a full-fledged novel. Again, the character development was done in a great style where I was always routing for the sheriff and his dog adopting widow helping personality. The bad guys were literally bad to the bone and when a misunderstanding leads to a standoff, this story is definitely one that makes you scoot to the very corners of your chair and transports you into the world of gangs, small towns, and a sheriff wanting to do good.  This was also the most frustrating story to me because of how it ended. To end the story in the middle of the standoff with sirens on its way, two men hurt, and bullets running low is just rude, but in every sense, very good. This was the longer ones of the book but found my pages turning faster than I could read. K.J. Klimasz left me wanting more so I think his mission was accomplished.

To wrap is up, this series of short stories covered almost every genre a reader could want. The stories were thrilling, dynamic, and nail biting. Every character was developed which is hard in short stories at times and the transitions between them were done very well. It was a fast read with even faster story lines. Do yourself a favor and read this book. It is worth every moment, just keep in mind you will be left with wanting more.

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