March is in full swing, my friends. Yes it is. The days are going by in a blur as we are awaiting the sounds and senses of Spring. Warmer weather has to be around the corner somewhere. It seems that the snow, rain and sleet are still persisting to stick around. Me? I am ready to run outside and get some Vitamin D (or is it C) on my skin.
This weekend was a very topsy-turvey one for me. It started out great with a Friday afternoon nap and a long phone call from my sister stationed in Tonga (looking for an adventure?  You should check out their blog here!). The nap was unexpected and so was the phone call. I think simple things that make you smile are very powerful things indeed. I miss my sister dearly and not many things can put a damper on my mood after talking with her (I hope she knows just how much she is loved and missed over here on the mainland). After calming down from the excitement, I waited for my friend to arrive to start the night off. The night ended with pizza, beer, video games, and one drunken snowman(just to clarify, it was the snowman that was drunk, not me....Sorry mom). Yes, friends, it was a must needed relaxing night with great company (okay, so my weekends have all been pretty relaxed lately).

Saturday was a little bit of a downer for me. There are many sayings that when life gives you lemons you should: make lemonade, squeeze it into vodka and mix a drink, etc. On Saturday, Cory and I had plans to drive to Superior to celebrate a great friends birthday. Not only have I not seen her in ages, I miss the heck out of her. Last year for her birthday we went to Chicago and it is still one of the most memorable trips that I have ever taken. This year the plan was to play it by ear, starting out with supper and drinks and go from there. I have been planning on going for a little over a month now and made it known to her that I was going to be there. Well, with the unexpected good things that life brings us comes the bad as well. With an unanticipated bill in the mail on Friday along with the highest utility bill I have even seen in my life (it was more than what the utilities are at the theater. The theater could fit two of our houses just in the main theater itself. Yes, it was that high), I had to make a very hard decision. Now, if it was up to me, I would have went and bit the bullet and dealt with money when I got back, but Cory’s more logical (and sometimes frustrating, but I still love him anyways) way of thinking won out and I had to cancel on my friend. I think one of the most maddening things in life is how money controls us. I hate it. I hate how I can’t afford to go and see my friend on her birthday, let alone cancel at the last minute. Does money control my happiness? Of course not, but I need it to live and do the things in life I am set out to do. It is a Catch 22. So to my good friend, I sincerely apologize for me being a sucky friend and I will make it up to you.

So with this starting my Saturday out, I did what any rational upset girl would do. I cleaned. And boy did I clean. My basement that was once filled with boxes from moving and dust from the previous owners is now spotless. Even my cat doesn’t know what to do when he goes downstairs. I think I confused him by cleaning up the obstacle course he had to maneuver through to get to his food.
When all said and done, it was a good weekend. I still feel awful about Saturday, but my friend is so great that she said she understood. Yes, friends. When you have a friend like Sara, you count yourself lucky (I can’t wait to go to Airborne Toxic Event with you!). I will still get to see her this Thursday and give her present to her and now my basement is probably the cleanest one on the block. And how many people can say that they made a snowman at 4:00 in the morning in the rain?
I guess when life gives you lemons; you just deal with them. If you dwell on all the lemons, your life won’t hold much happiness and happiness is key in this thing we call life.
Cheers friends to living the good life and being able to call one another friend.
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  1. Sara Strand Says:

    Psh- no worries. I think this means that when you do eventually get pregnant, I look better as a labor coach. *just sayin* ;)

    But yay for cleaning!! I am super excited to do some spring cleaning soon and Matt is horrified and trying to sway me away from it because he knows that once I get the house in order, I go to the garage. He should be worried- he's a secret hoarder in the early stages.

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