Well, we have made it to the end of the week. Let us raise our coffee cups to the end of the week! Today, I am super excited to bring to you all another book review. When Apostrophe Books contacted me to review a YA Paranormal Romance about vampires, I jumped at the chance. I think I replied within seconds of them asking me. Not only is this book right up my alley, it is a romance…with vampires. Seriosuly, need I say more. Make some shelf room friends, because this should go up on it!

The darkness is rising. Thousands of years ago, a prophecy was foretold and now it has awakened…17-year-old Selene Giovanni loses her father at a young age and is forever separated from her peers by the experience and an abusive mother.
When a young stranger, Gregori, starts at her school, Selene’s world changes dramatically. Her once dull and lonely life becomes exciting and dangerous.
With vampires and werewolves around every corner, Selene must make a choice between love, death and the fate of the world. And that is only the beginning…

First of all, I have to be honest and say that the start of this book reminded me a bit too much of Twilight. It threw me off a bit and I struggled getting into the story.  I think that in the YA paranormal fiction category, there is always that comparison with authors, especially when vampires are mentioned. It took me a couple chapters to get really into it because of this fact. You have a plain, yet beautiful girl who is attracted to a handsome rich vampire. You see where the comparison can be drawn? However, I am so glad that I stuck to it. The story took a couple of turns and actually threw in more story lines and more characters than I was expecting.  I am so glad I kept to it because the went through the lives of the six main characters made this book an action packed read. One thing I did love about T.L. Spencer’s writing is that she gave a history of each of her characters and explained to the reader why the characters acted certain ways and you really got to know each of the girls inside and out. The backstories went into such detail that I could have read three different books in this one book but Spencer had a way to make everything come together gracefully. The stories were so different but the transition between characters fused together and there was no confusion. I found myself developing relationships with each main character. I loved them, I was annoyed with them, but I felt for them also. This is a detail that shows just how great the writing was. The struggles within each relationship can be compared to most relationships these days and I love that Spencer kind of told a story with a lesson that was twisted into this great plot. Throw in the shape-shifters, vampires, and other supernatural powers, T.L. Spencer wrote a book that can be put up on the shelf with the other great YA Paranormal books!
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About the Author:
TL Spencer was born in Lincolnshire and, as her father was a member of the armed forces, she travelled frequently. As a child, she lived in places such as Reading and Salisbury, taking advantage of being a short drive from the mystical Stonehenge – one of her favourite places.
She was diagnosed with epilepsy while living in Germany aged 11, and turned to writing as a way to cope with her condition. She is now studying at university and hopes one day to become a teacher.
A fan of all things paranormal, her three-part novel Blood Prophecy won Apostrophe Books’ Fiction Fast-Track new writing competition, appropriately enough on Halloween, in 2012. For more information, visit her blog. She can be contacted via Twitter.

Well friends, that is all for this Friday. I hope you enjoy this snowy day.
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