Happy Thursday Dear Friends.
Today, on this Thursday in June, I can’t help but be sentimental.  If you don’t like that crap, then I would stop here (or read on because human nature makes us curious and most of you will read on anyways). J I am being mawkish because this morning it hit me that there are people I miss, people I love, people I see every day, family, friends, strangers, and the such that surround me and make my life so great. Yes, I am talking to you Kat, because we had a great conversation and made plans to meet up. Your spontaneous nature is something I look forward to next week.  Yes, I am talking to you Pa, who talks to me every night. Sometimes this is about life, sometimes this is about dirt. I want you to know I value each and every one of our conversations.  I am talking about the student who came in and decided to go back to school after 45 years of being out of it and was so excited to start. Yes, I am talking to you sister. You continue to inspire me every day and I can’t tell you how proud I am that you are going back to school to get your Masters. I already believe you are a master of your profession and am in awe of you each and every day. I am talking to you, sister, who calls me up and asks about how my run went and is so encouraging that even I believe that I can run this Half Marathon. This goes for Cory also, who continues to support me in everything I do (hopefully, we can see each other soon and maybe be able to live together again).
The true reason for this maudlin post is that that book I am delving in at the moment is really showing me how important it is to love and be thankful for great people in your life. No matter how knee deep you are in things, please don’t take things for granted. Try to leave less room for anger and hate and more room to live your life like it was meant to be lived. This book showed me that. Please look for the full review tomorrow!
Now that I have procrastinated (and drank 20 ounces of coffee), it is back to work I go. I hope this Thursday leaves you feeling great.  Leaves you feeling awesome about yourself and motivated to find that happiness that is this thing called life.  
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