First of all, I apologize for the hiatus that I have been on. I promise that will not happen again. Probably. Second of all, I don’t want to admit how long it took me to figure out how to spell hiatus (who would have thought it is spelled exactly how it sounds. Thanks English Degree. You should have had my back on this one. ) Thirdly, I will let you know why I have been MIA lately.  

The past three (four?) days, (I am not really sure what day it is even) I closed myself out from the world and had one of the geekiest (is that a word Mr. English Degree?) weekends I think I will probably have (Geeks Unite.) I am almost embarrassed about letting you all in as to what I have been doing (Almost.) For Christmas (Yes, I am going back again), Cory asked me for one thing and that one thing was to try out a computer game that he really likes. Okay, so this computer game is more like a role playing game complete with wizards, horses, cats, awesome clothes and battles (he will probably not like that I made it sound so girly.) It is a very manly game (there you go, Dear) and I thought it was stupid he spent so much time on that instead of hanging out with me (Obviously, nothing is as great as hanging out with me). Big mistake on my part. I am not nearly as cool as my Wizard Avatar. Long story short, I rang in this delightful New Year defeating trolls in Wizard City.  The feeling of escaping into a whole new world and not knowing anyone is almost as good as the game itself. It is relaxing to not have to worry about anything for a couple hours (okay, eight hours) and delight in the enchanted world that you make your own. It is like fairytales are coming to life and I am the Narrator.  Whether it is a computer game or a book or even just sitting and talking (to someone else. If you talk to yourself, you might need to get some more friends. Human friends.), stealing a few hours a day for yourself is one of the great things in life. Take them every day for they are your own!
On a side note, I also rang in the New Year playing Nintendo on a six foot screen with some friends which led into a full day of board games. Call me a Geek, because I am one and I am proud of it.
 For your information, this post adds to my coolness factor (.....Right?).
Until Tomorrow Friends, have a Peachy Morning, a Sprightful Afternoon and a Playful Evening.
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